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Senior School

The school offers ICSE [Indian Certificate of Secondary Education] as a course of study. Recognized globally, the curriculum is scientifically designed, thus helping students to be active learners and well-rounded individuals.


The High School [Standards VI-X] is a curriculum for students aged 11-16, which is demanding in terms of academics, along with a well-planned structure for the co-curricular activities like debate, elocution, dramatics, environmental studies, music and projects in science and humanities. The Council for the Indian Certificate School Examinations is committed to serving the children through high quality educational endeavours, empowering them to contribute towards a humane, just and pluralistic society.

GROUP I [Compulsory Subjects]

  • English
  • Second Languages
  • Indian Languages [Options- Hindi, Kannada]
  • History, Civics, Geography


  • Mathematics
  • Science [Physics, Chemistry and Biology]
  • Environmental Science

GROUP III [Any one of the following subjects]

  • Computer Applications
  • Physical Education

Co-Curricular Activities


Sporting activities find an important place in our institution. We recognize that play is one of the most natural and important forms of recreation. It is also the best way to improve one’s health and spirits. The annual sports day showcases some of the best students in this field. Many toppers in sports have emerged from this institution. The performance of our students in various tournaments at all levels is very encouraging.


SIS provides karate classes from Class III to VIII as part of our regular timetable. We teach the benefits of disciple and self-defense through martial arts. We have trained professions who teach as well conduct regular competitions both at the school level as well as state and nation level.
Our students take part in both State and National Karate Championships.

Band, Music and Dance

Musically inclined youngsters are selected for training in harmony, to perform at school events and inter-school competitions


Guides & Bulbulls are the Uniformed Services offered to students of various classes. The school nurtures the spirit of community service.


The school has a faculty well-qualified, experienced and dedicated teachers who are ready to face the challenges of the new millennium. In keeping with the school’s mission of preparing students to be global citizens, teachers are actively encouraged to attend educational workshops, refresher courses and seminars to continually update their knowledge and methods of instruction.