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An informed mind is indeed a valuable asset to society, and one way to foster the development of such minds is through an active encouragement of reading among students. In line with this objective, the school has taken proactive measures to integrate reading into the curriculum by including dedicated library hours.

By incorporating library hours into the curriculum, the school demonstrates its commitment to promoting literacy and a love for learning. This allocation of time specifically for library visits allows students to engage with a wide range of literary resources, furthering their intellectual growth and expanding their horizons.

The library itself serves as a treasure trove of knowledge and imagination. It houses the latest reference books, which act as invaluable tools for students to delve deeper into various subjects. These up-to-date resources enable students to access current information, facts, and research, empowering them to stay informed about the latest developments and discoveries in their fields of interest.

Furthermore, the availability of information and educational magazines in the library augments the students' learning experience. These magazines provide valuable insights into current affairs, scientific breakthroughs, and other noteworthy topics. By exploring the content within these publications, students can stay updated on important issues, deepen their understanding of the world, and develop a keen sense of critical thinking and analysis.

By actively promoting reading and maintaining a well-stocked library with the latest reference books, high-quality fiction, and informative magazines, the school empowers its students to become knowledgeable and informed individuals. Beyond acquiring knowledge, reading cultivates critical thinking skills, sparks creativity, and nurtures a lifelong love for learning. As students engage with these literary resources, they develop the capacity to contribute meaningfully to society, making informed decisions, and positively impacting their communities.