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At Silas Kindergarten section, we like to remember that:

  • Every child is different and has unique personalities
  • They develop at different times and in different ways and learn at different rates.
  • Tomorrow depends not partially but entirely upon the type and quality of the education we impart to our children today.
  • They should be prepared for a vastly complex and rapidly changing world, which calls for an integrated meaningful education system.

Kindergarten provides the opportunity for children to develop intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically through its various activities. The School maintains a happy and purposeful environment in which every child gets a sound education and recognizes them as special.

An enthusiastic, and well trained team of teachers dedicate themselves to take on a task of initiating these tender children into their first steps in learning and assure the right kind of care with varied fun filled activity to cater to all areas of growth in the child.

Over the last few years, the school has stretched its facility with renovating its building and adding new spacious classrooms to accommodate more children and multimedia facility.

The School aims at excellent facilities for learning and leisure and then offers a spacious classroom as the little ones require a large work space to move freely.

Also, we have a beautifully designed play area with all its play equipment, which would help the children to develop the large and smaller muscles